Checklist Autocomplete

Today we are adding a small but important feature to our Checklist app for android: Auto complete for tasks. You can now start typing your new task and the app will offer you different options to choose from. Quick and easy!

Remember the milk

The most common action on checklist, is adding a task. So why not make it even easier with an auto-complete? We know that Android has a keyboard auto-complete function for most devices, but we thought that we need a more specific solution for checklists. E.g. if you wish to add 'Orange Juice' to your tasks, the Android keyboard will only offer to complete 'ora' with 'orange' but our app with give you all options like 'Orange juice' or 'Frozen orange juice'.Auto complete works from the second character you type. We currently entered a large number of items you will find for a groceries checklist but we will expand this to more topics (feel free to let us know what you find important). Although today this feature is only available for the android app, we will shortly add it to our Checklist app for iOS and to the web app. We are just fine tuning the vocabulary of words and how it works :-).

So go ahead and try it out. Don't forget to let us know what you think of this feature in the comment below.