The Checklist Widget for Android

Version 1.1 of our Checklist Android App features an improved Wizard: better visibility into your checklists.

Today we are releasing a new version with an improved wizard for Android. Not many Android users are aware of the widget functionality. A widget gives a user a view into the app from the device's home page. Actually, you can place a widget on any of your pages. To add a widget:
  1. Click on the device home page
  2. Select the page you wish to add the widget to by scrolling left or right
  3. Click on the 'menu' button and select '+ Add apps and widgets'
  4. At the top of the screen select 'Widgets'
  5. If you do not see the Checklist widget, scroll right until you see it
  6. Long press the Checklist widget icon and then place it on the screen
  7. Optionally - resize the widget by pulling the orange dots
  8. Click anywhere outside the screen and voilà - the widget is placed on your screen
Our Checklist Widget is very simply and will give you a quick view to your most important checklist. The main area will display the checklist you have selected. You can easily check tasks you have completed (they will disappear afterwards - as we only want to show you the most important task on the widget - but you can always see them on the actual app) or click on the task to open it in the app. Due to the limitations of Android, you cannot use the action menu from the widget: click on the task to open the app and access more actions for the task.The following buttons are available on the checklist wizard:>
  • Our Checklist icon - will open the app at the dashboard
  • The name of the checklist display. Click on it to open the app at that checklist
  • Checklist selector (the down arrow) - this allows you to iterate through your checklists (or smart lists) to select which checklist you wish to display on this widget
  • Add (+) - will add a checklist (if you are on a smart list) or a task (if you are on a checklist)
You can have as many widgets as your device supports and each one can display a different checklist. For example, you can have a widget for your work checklists and a different one for your private checklist.We hope you like the Checklist Wizard and are looking forward to your feedback on the comments below.