Checklist Templates

We started with the idea of developing the world's largest database of checklists. After all, you can have a checklist for almost anything! So how can you make use of a checklist template?

It's a pretty big statement: you can have a checklist for anything. But we do stand behind it. Here's why. During our day, we have many objectives we are busy in trying to accomplish. This can be for both business or privately. Each of these objectives will usually require several smaller steps. We believe that a checklist is required for two purposes: to keep track or as a reference (learn from). Here are some examples:
  • Moving Checklist - The average American moves on average every 2-3 years. When people try to accomplish this for the very first time they are inundated with the task. What do I need to do? Did I forget anything that might be important? This is usually the first step in which they need to figure out WHAT needs to be done. Using a moving checklist template can become useful as a reference; you are actually learning about the task. We recommend you take such a template as a baseline and customize it to fit your personal situation. Once you are comfortable that all tasks are there start following it ticking tasks you have completed. This is the "keeping track" part of the checklist. For that we offer the Checklist App as a tool.
  • Smartphone buying Checklist - this checklist can have 2 parts: items to pay attention to when choosing the right phone and a list of Smartphones to consider. You can use the first part to learn about smartphones and compare the feature of each as you make your decision which model to buy.
  • Groceries checklist - need to fill the fridge? Although we do this at least weekly (and most of us daily) the use of a checklist can help with: remembering what to buy, helping to plan so that we save time but also money (don't buy what you don't need or already have in the fridge) and possibly share the list with other members of the household.
In these three very different examples you can see a large project like Moving which takes weeks or possible months to complete as well as a very short list for going shopping. We can use a checklist for both.

Visit our checklist template database to find YOUR checklist!