Want to keep a web page for later? Need to remember to buy a present? Want to make a Wish list? The Checklist Bookmarklet is here to help.
Here at Checklist we browse the web all day long. We keep finding important sites and pages we wish to visit later. Until today, every page worth keeping for later would be copied and pasted onto a new task. We would then give it a name and sometimes add an image. Although simple, it would take a while. So we knew that there had to be a better way. That's why we developed the Checklist Bookmarklet. From any page, and with one click, you can now easily add a page to be read later.So what's a bookmarklet? It is a link you can add to your browser's favorites bar. Usually it provides you with quick access to a website. But the Checklist Bookmarklet allows you to easily add pages to your Checklists. Instead of opening a new page in your browser, the bookmarklet opens a small window ON TOP of your current window and allows you to set some details and add the page to a checklist. If you are not already logged in to your account, the Bookmarklet will have you login and return to the previous page you were browsing. To see how to work with the Bookmarklet read our Bookmarklet Help page.To install the bookmarklet visit our: Checklist Bookmarklet pageOnce you have it, here are some examples of how you can use it:
  • Planning a trip. The web has many resources about trip destinations. What we like to do is research many sites and keep a list of interesting places to visit on the trip. We also put all the hotels we are considering. Together, this becomes our trip plan.
  • Birthday / Wish list. You know how you see this great ring which your other significant one finds amazing? This great snugly pet on Amazon? Need to make a note for later? Simply add it to a Birthday list and when the moment arrives you will have ideas plenty
  • Registries. Getting married? Bar mitzva? Birthday party? For all these events, make a registry which has all the presents you are interested in. Then share the list with your guests. Avoid getting the toaster your uncle always wanted to get rid of.
  • Recipes box. There are many recipe sites out there. No shortage of recipes. But sometimes too many is too much. Keep track of the recipes you DO LIKE by simply adding them to your recipes box.

How will you use the Checklist bookmarklet? Let us know in the comments below.