Daily chores

Some find comfort in them, most hate them. But can we make them easier with the Checklist app?

Our days are filled with things we have to do. The fridge doesn't get full by itself (at least not for now), the grass still has to be mowed (even though those cool robotic lawn mowers are becoming cheaper) and laundry has to be taken care of.

In this set of articles, we want to demonstrate different use cases where Checklist can help you on a daily basis (it is actually almost hourly as our research shows that users open their Checklist App over 10 times a day on average!).

In our case, Dan and Suzy are a working couple. Dan works from home as a software developer and Suzy is an executive in a big corporate. Their lives are busy and they use Checklist to keep it in order. The end of the day is approaching, and the couple gets a notification from their daily reminder (on their Daily checklist) that dinner needs to be thought of. After a quick exchange of Whatsapps, they decide on Lasagna (Dan's favorite). Dan fires up their Groceries Checklist from his favorite Browser and quickly adds all the ingredients. Since the Checklist is shared with Suzy, her mobile phone (which has the Checklist App for Android) is synchronized automatically and she can see the Checklist. Before she leaves for home, she adds those creamy biscuits that Dan loves so much to the list so she won't forget them. As Dan has ordered the checklist with the ingredients according to the isles in the Supermarket, Suzy can quickly find what's on the list straight from her Checklist app.Dan and Suzy used the simplicity of Checklist features: quick add, share lists, access anywhere and reminders.

Do you also have an example where you use Checklist on a daily basis for? Share your story with us in the comments below. We are curious!