Remember important dates

We have always used Checklist to keep track of birthdays and anniversaries. But until today, you could not get those reminder notifications on your Android!

Annual Reminders

But now you can! 'Annual Reminders' are now available on the Checklist app for Android with version 1.3. We have added the 'Annually' option to the existing 'Daily', 'Weekly' and 'Monthly' reminders. Once you click on 'Annually', you will get a popup asking you to select the month and day of month (there is no need for a year as this is repeated annually).
Tip: Share your Birthdays or Anniversaries Checklists with your contacts. This way they will be synchronized when one of you updates a list.
You will probably notice that we have also improved the repeat reminder selector. We have taken away the 'None' option and made each option into a 'toggle' button. That way you can select one of the options or remove the reminder completely by clicking on the selected option again. Give it a try!Are you interested in automatically importing your anniversaries or birthdays from Google Calendar? If yes, please vote for this feature here.

Are you happy with this new feature? Would you like it improved? Share your thoughts in the comments below.