We know that people love lists. And what's better than a list? A usable checklist! Although we offered the option to embed a checklist template on your site since day one, it was missing lately as we were polishing our new site. Embed is now back!The Embed widget can be used to embed any of the checklist templates you find on our website. You can even embed your own checklist. Here is an example of what an embedded checklist looks like:Checklist EmbedThe checklist is served from Checklist.com web server and allows users to easily customize, print, share and access it anywhere from their desktop or mobile devices. As you can see, it has a clean design and is fully responsive. The embed code is simple and works across all modern browsers.

Why embed?

Easily accompany any article on your site with an interactive checklist to summarize it. A checklist is a great Call To Action (CTA) you can place in front of your visitors to engage them with the article they have just read. And by letting them take the checklist with them, you are building a more sticky relationship. They will associate the checklist with your website both from remembering where they got it from as well as having your brand next to the list as they work on it on their desktop and mobile devices.

How to embed?

Embedding is simple. If the checklist you wish to embed is not already on our website, you can easliy add it by clicking on the Publish button at the top of the site. You can then quickly copy paste it and click to publish.Once the checklist template is live, click on the embed button '<>' and copy-paste the generated code into your website CMS (Content Management System) or send it to your website administrator. The widget will automatically load for each visit and resize to fit your page (yes! it is responsive). For more info, visit our Checklist Embed page.


Here are a few examples where a Checklist embed is particularly useful:
  • a list of mobile apps to try out
  • movies to watch
  • the latest TV series to catch up on
  • Trip plans you are dreaming of
  • recipe ingredients
  • a list of instructions to follow to achieve a certain goal
These can all be set in a checklist and easily embedded in your site.If you already have an article which can be summarized into a checklist, make sure it is a usable one. Use our Checklist Embed Widget!Let us know in the comments below if you have more ideas or any feedback.