We’re almost there. We’ve been hard working on the new Checklist platform and now is the time to share with you a preview of our work. As always, we are developing Checklist based on your valuable feedback.

The new platform is a complete rewrite of our code base and has the following main objectives:

  • Multi-view checklists (Checklist, Table, Kanban boards, Pro Play) and easily switch between them
  • Responsive design to work on both desktop and mobile
  • Automation – save time by making checklist work for YOU
  • Integration with 3rd parties
  • Checklist Members and roles
  • Dashboards (standard and custom)
  • Merge all applications into one app (no more separate app for Pro, Free)
  • Scalability to support our rocketing user base
  • Import / Export

The initial roll is for the web interface which can be used on both mobile and desktop.

Important note: the current mobile apps for iOS and Android work with the old Checklist platform. We will shortly migrate them to the new platform. In the meanwhile, please use the new web app from your mobile browser.

To checkout the new Checklist visit:

Checklist App BETA

Please remember that this beta version is simply for your feedback. Although you can fully use it, it may have some down time as we work on it and at one point we will be deleting all checklists as we prepare it for launch. If you need to keep you data, make an export or keep using the current Checklist platform.

To provide your valuable feedback, please visit:

Checklist Feedback