Mail to Checklist

By popular demand, we are launching today a new feature: "Mail to Checklist". Simply send an email to and it will be added automatically to your Checklists.

Too many emails in your inbox? We've all been there. We all spend quite some time going through our mailboxes and the reward of an empty inbox is great. But getting there is not so trivial. There is always an email we need to answer which stays stuck as we keep postponing it.Enter "Mail to Checklist". You can easily forward any email you have in your inbox to When received, we will automatically convert the email into a task using the subject as the task name and the email body as the task notes (we will clean for you any html and keep only the text).

You are not limited to forwarding emails. Some of us also email to ourselves things to do (so we won't forget). So next time you have a task you want to remember but don't have quick access to your Checklist app, simply send an email to Although it is usually easier to simply open the Checklist app, we do know that sometimes we are already using email and do not want to switch. All received tasks are automatically added to your Inbox checklist (we will create one for you if you don't already have one). You can then drag it to other checklists to keep things in order. You can also set a reminder so that you will not forget it.

Bookmark now, read later

Another use case that we have found ourselves using a lot is bookmarking important articles we wish to read later. Since Checklist is what's driving our daily work, it is easy to forward the link from a tablet when reading an article directly to our for later consumption.Question: We are considering adding an option to select to which checklist the task should be added to. One option is to use the first line of the body of the message. E.g. "checklist:shopping" would place the task in the shopping checklist instead of the "Inbox". Let us know in the comments below if you like this feature or if you think of a better way to implement it.

Tip 1: Add Checklist to your address book so that you can easily forward emails to your checklist inbox. To learn more about this feature visit our help pages.

Tip 2: When using a mail client, make sure that the FROM you are using matches the email address you have for your Checklist account. Otherwise our system will not recognize you as a sender and the task will be lost.

Will you be using this new feature? Have you used it? We are eager to hear your feedback. Use the comments below to let us know.