Checklist Reviews

We are approaching 200 reviews on Google play for our Checklist App for Android and we thought it would be a good opportunity to bring the best reviews and thank you all that have provided us with this great feedback.

D Hunt said: Simple perfection! Finally someone got it right!!! The perfect hierarchical list maker. Developer is very responsive.
Christopher L: Best checklist app in the universe! Simple and sweet and does what it states it does very well. For a clean and easy to use checklist app this is your best choice.
Sarah Wilson commented: Using for my FlyLady control journal I absolutely love it, especially that it uploads everything to the website so I can keep track of my checklist if my 3 year old is watching Netflix on my phone.
A Google User: Nice professional UI! User friendly and a Must have! -Don't think twice to download it, Be wise. -Very nice app with no ads. -No fancy themes and fonts. Professional UI. -Free like a paid app It took me a while to figure this app but you'll be surprise this app can help you in so many ways you can imagine. Good job devs. Developers replied fast when u report a bug. Had an issues with arranging and sorting sublists but they updated it. Thanks!
Mark Lee congratulated: The Best Checklist period. Subcategories, daily and even weekly schedules plus a lot more! Basically everything I needed in a checklist. Best of all it's free!

Thank you again for this great feedback. We are working to improve the app and our Checklist platform. We have just launched our Checklist App for iOS and will be bringing more feedback for it soon.A word about negative reviews. We take all reviews seriously (except for those that are clearly by competitors and are posted simply to hurt our ranking). We also have a website dedicated to your feedback for checklist where you can suggest new features and vote on which ones are most important to you. That is the best barometer on what to focus on next. Please visit it and let us know what's important to you.

We would like to comment on the practice of some to rate with 1 star "unless we develop their specific feature". If you like the app but are missing just one feature, do let us know on the feedback site and vote for it with 3 points. Ranking the app with 1 star does not make sense. After all, you love the app but just miss a feature. So please help us with adjusting your vote :-) Any other feedback? Do you use the comments below to let us know. We are listening.