A small but important update

Today we are launching v1.2.7 of our Checklist Android app. In this update you will enjoy: easily adding multiple tasks, longer task names on header, auto-capitalization of tasks/ checklists and major performance & stability improvements.

Easily add multiple tasks

Based on your feedback, we have changed the flow of adding new tasks. With this update, after you add a task, the app remains in the same page (add task) so that you can add more tasks. When you are done, simply click on the back button (device or on the top left of the screen) to go back to the checklist/ task.

Support longer task names

We know that space is precious on a mobile phone. So we wanted to take better advantage of the space available on the checklist page header. So from now on, you are able to view longer checklist or task names by using two lines instead of one. Although a small change, our beta testers really liked this improvement!

Auto-capitalize tasks

Each key-click on the device should be avoided when possible. So from today, when you add a task or a checklist, we will automatically capitalize it for you.

There are some major improvements to the app overall performance as well as some more stability improvements (that means bugs were exterminated). We hope you enjoy this update and we are looking forward to your feedback in the comments below.