Yes! It is here! After several weeks of a gentle roll-out we have finally pushed the latest Checklist web app (v3.0) to all Checklist users! We have spent the past 6 months working on a major overhaul to our favorite web client. So what's new? Read below for details.

Material Design

Last year we have upgraded our Android Checklist app to Google's Material Design. We have received great feedback and continued along the Material path and gave the web app a similar face lift. We have also introduced "Themes" which allow you to choose from 3 default palettes or fully customize your look and feel.

The Dashboard

The Checklist Dashboard shows your top 10 checklists from a bird-eye's view. You can easily re-order tasks within checklists but also between them. Many of us use this at the start of the day. We keep a daily checklist and each morning we drag onto it the objectives of the day from our other lists. Tip: to make a copy of a task, hit the SHIFT button while dragging it and a fresh copy will be made for you on drop.

Task Popup

Checklist Task Popup
This is where things get done! A newly engineered task popup will allow you to manage a task. There are quick action menus at the top where you can easily: set reminders, toggle importance, share with contacts, print, create private links or publish the checklist to the world. The main part of the popup will allow you to enter all task details as well as add and view attachments. We really love the new "Add+" button which allows you to save the new task and clear the dialog so you can quickly add the next task.

A new Checklist page

Checklist Web app - Checklist
Using the left bar you can select a checklist which will be loaded in the main part of the screen. As always, you can easily drag tasks around and create unlimited checklist levels (sub tasks). There is a new Action Menu to the right of each task from which you can quickly perform actions like setting a reminder for tomorrow or marking a task as important. All without having to open the Task Popup. We have improved the "Add Multiple Tasks" feature: you can use it to copy-paste tasks from other apps or notes. Each line will be converted into its own task. Take it for a spin!

The Checklist Wizard

Checklist Wizard
Our friendly Checklist wizard is here to help you complete your tasks. With a click you can search the web for more info (Bing, DuckDuckGo or Google) or use one of the many offers our wizard has tailored for your task. Watch out for new Wizard features which are coming up soon!

Go be productive!

So it is out there! And as always: 100% FREE! No catches. Now it is your turn to get productive. Don't forget to share below your feedback or register for our newsletter to keep yourself up to date with Checklist. We are always listening and working extra hard to keep Checklist the best!