Yes! We are almost there. Checklist Pro, our solution for team collaboration using checklists is almost ready. We would love to have you visit, kick the tires and take it for a spin.

The Checklist App (iOS, Android and Web) is regularly used by hundreds of thousands of people. It is simple yet powerful and works great for personal use. Yet, the #1 & #2 feature requests we keep getting from business users are:

  • better team collaboration
  • the possibility to "run" regular business processes as checklist (templates)
That's why, in the past months, we have been busy developing our Enterprise solution: Checklist Pro.So what can you do with it? Everything that the current Checklist app offers PLUS:
  • Create and edit private Checklist templates
  • Multiple question types. Currently supporting Checkbox and Choice. More coming up.
  • Run ad-hoc and scheduled Checklist templates. Manually or automatically: assign to team members, schedule due dates etc.
  • Easily "Play" Checklists across multiple devices and optionally in offline-mode.
  • Collect & Track progress across checklists
  • Create and manage an organization with multiple teams
  • Manage team members with different membership levels (Editors, Runners, Admins)
Where can you use it? Here are a few use cases:
  • Inspection checklists.
  • Regular activities in your organization such as:
    • store opening
    • cleaning
    • security
    • SEO
    • weekly tasks
    • secretarial activities
Current limitations:
  • The web app is optimized for desktops and not mobile devices.
  • Not yet available on iOS. We are still polishing the update.
  • It is in beta. We have been using it internally for several weeks now. Some of our users have also tried it out and all known bugs have been fixed.
We are not ready yet for a "formal" introduction, but we would love for you to test it and see if it fits your needs.Want to try it out? It's free. From a desktop browser, visit:

Want to read the documentation: Documentation.We would love to hear back from you. What you like. What not. What can we do to improve it. Please feel free to contact us. We promise to respond.