Goodbye ZipList. Hello Checklist!

We know that a lot of you have been let down by the departure of ZipList from our world. But Checklist is here with an alternative to ZipList. Migration is easy!Similar to ZipList, Checklist offers a shopping list for both mobile and desktop. Simply add your shopping items to the list and they will be synchronized across your devices. Furthermore, you can also share your lists with friends, family and colleagues. So if you are on your way home from work, your partner can easily add to your list and all items will be automatically "synced" to your mobile. Need a Recipe Box? Just create a list for it and start adding recipes. This is made easy with the Checklist Bookmarklet. Just drag it to the top of your browser and it is always there.Importing your ZipList account to Checklist is made easy with our ZipList import tool. Once you receive your ZipList export, simply copy-and-paste the link and we will do the rest. Your shopping items, Recipes Box and Recipes are now safe and will show up in your Checklist account.

Migrate your ZipList Account

If you need any help with the import, visit our ZipList Replacement help page.Are we missing any feature you had in ZipList? Do let us know! In the meanwhile, we would like to let you know that we are working on expanding our Database of checklists with (hundreds of) thousands of Recipes. Soon, you will be able to browse it online and on your mobile device.

Are you a ZipList Partner?

We have some exciting news for ex-ZipList partners. We will soon launch some alternative solutions to Ziplist recipe database, plugins and more. Please do let us know if you are interested in participating. We are also interested in your wish list or your interest in beta testing.And most important, for all of you, we want your feedback. We know many of you were disappointed with the changes recently made to ZipList and have complained about it extensively. We do listen to our user. So let us know your thoughts below or on our Feedback Forum.

Hello Checklist!